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Common Questions

Below is a compiled list of common questions. Simply click on the question that interests you and the answer will appear. If you have a different question that you wish to be answered, please contact us. You can also direct message us through our Facebook page.

In terms of techniques, Taekwondo is known for high and powerful kicking and emphasizes kicks more than other martial arts. Kicks are primary while hand striking is secondary.  Other forms like Karate, focus on hand first techniques. All martial arts are beneficial and we encourage everyone to find the best fit for what you enjoy the most.

Absolutely not, in fact, the first two of our five tenets are Courtesy and Integrity. We teach them from day one to show respect to Instructors and fellow students. This builds a positive foundation that translates into the rest of their daily lives.

As with any sport, injuries happen. TaeKwonDo is no exception. We are a contact sport but we take every precaution to ensure that we have a safe space to work in. Our equipment is up to date and every student is properly warmed up before beginning class. Injuries can happen, but they are rare.

Yes! Martial arts is a wonderful outlet for kids who don’t feel like they fit in with team sports. TaeKwonDo is especially accessible for kids who want to excel at something on their own. Mentally it builds confidence, discipline, and indomitable spirit. Physically it builds coordination, balance, control, and many other useful attributes.

Absolutely. Our curriculum is designed to challenge every student but also meets them where they are. Students are not judged or compared against others in the program but only against themselves. We welcome parent communication to create a strategy for their particular student that best meets their needs.

We have four programs that fit any age. Our youngest group starts as early as four.  We have a specifically designed curriculum for these “Little Dragons.”  This age group is typically 4-6.  Our Juniors program is designed for ages 7-12.  This is the bulk of our program and what we do best. We take great pride and care in helping parents shape the lives of these young men and women. Our last two groups are Teens and Adults who are self motivated and looking for an amazing, discipline-focused workout. If you are 5 or 55, you are at the perfect age to start training.

It typically take about three years to earn your first degree black belt, but this is just the beginning. A black belt is considered to have learned all the basics.  Once you earn your black belt, the real fun begins.

Yes, but our sparring is done with pads and close supervision. We have rules in place to maximize their skills as fighters but also minimize the dangers of full contact.

We have classes available for every age group every day. We recommend that you attend at least 2-3 times a week.

Every two months we have belt testing for everyone that has qualified. Students perform their pattern, one step combinations, and sparring. Advanced students will break their required boards starting at Brown Belt.

Yes.  We break both wood and plastic rebreakable boards.  At testing we break wood boards exclusively.