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We are a family friendly, all-ages TaeKwonDo school located in the heart of West Knoxville.
We use a proven teaching curriculum designed to help students learn to set and achieve goals.
Parents love the way their children develop vital life skills such as confidence, respect, and improved
coordination. Teens and adults love the exciting, high energy classes which include developing
proficiency in TaeKwonDo skills, contact sparring, and board breaking. Want to learn more?
We invite you to try a class or two completely free. To schedule a free class for you
or your child, simply complete the form below or give us a call at 865.329.6794.


  • Unlimited classes for one monthly fee (seriously, come every day if you like!)

  • Build your self-esteem and confidence

  • Grow in focus, discipline, & self-control

  • Develop character in an encouraging and uplifting environment

  • Develop potentially life-saving self defense skills

What People Are Saying

“Fantastic instructors who care about more than just teaching my son to kick and punch. They are teaching him respect, confidence, and so much more. This program is highly recommended.”

Greg A.

“Mr. Strouss provides an excellent learning environment for my son. No matter what mood my son is in, when class starts, it’s all about taekwondo. He loves it!”

Gavin Gibbins

“Mr. Strouss gives me a lot of confidence.”

Silas W.