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Below is a list of videos to assist current students with their training. Simply click on the skill level that interests you and the video links will become available. If you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

Please note these videos are meant to compliment a student’s training, not replace it. 


White Belt

White Belt Manual

White Belt Form: Ki-Bon

White Belt One-Steps

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt Manual

Yellow Belt Form: Dan-Gun

Yellow Belt One-Steps

Orange Belt

Orange Belt Manual

Orange Belt Form: Do-San

Orange Belt Sparring Combinations

Green Belt

Green Belt Manual

Green Belt Form: Won-Hyo

Purple Belt

Purple Belt Manual

Purple Belt Form: Yul-Guk

Blue Belt

Blue Belt Manual

Blue Belt Form: Joong-Gun

Brown Belt

Brown Belt Manual

Brown Belt Form: Hwa-Rang

Red Belt

Red Belt Manual

Red Belt: Choong-Moo

1st Degree Black Belt

1st Degree Manual

Probationary & Recommended Black Belt Form: Gwang-Gae

1st Degree Decided Black Belt Form:

1st Degree Senior Black Belt Form:

2nd Degree Black Belt

2nd Degree Manual

2nd Degree Black Belt: Choong-Jang

2nd Degree Decided Black Belt: Yoo-Sin

2nd Degree Senior Black Belt: Ul-Ji

3rd Degree Black Belt

3rd Degree Manual

3rd Degree Black Belt Form: Yon-Gae

3rd Degree Decided Black Belt Form: Juche

3rd Degree Senior Black Belt Form: Ko-Dang

4th Degree

4th Degree Black Belt

4th Degree Manual

4th Degree Black Belt Form: Choi-Yong

Black Belt

4th Degree Senior Black Belt Form: Tong-Il

5th Degree Black Belt

5th Degree Manual

5th Degree Black Belt: Moon-Moo


The links below will take you to all the photos that are taken at belt testing and Awards. Find the date of the test/awards and your rank to see the photos.  They are free to Download.

All photo credits go to Steve Steigenga at SoarkingOak Photography. 

Stephen Strouss TaeKwonDo Knoxville


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