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Little Dragons

Our dragons program is designed to help 4-6 year olds with eight developmentally appropriate skills:

Focus, control, memory, fitness, teamwork, balance, discipline, coordination.

Little Dragon students will learn these life skills that will help them in school, peer relationships and increase confidence. We teach these skills in a fun and motivating way and in a safe, positive, energetic, and exciting environment. We use pads, targets, foam noodles, and a wide variety of other safe and fun equipment to help keep developing bodies safe while introducing Taekwondo on a fundamental level.

Classes are 30 minutes in length and students are welcome to attend every day.

Junior Taekwondo Program

Teaching children is our specialty. Children’s classes are broken down into beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes, so each and every child will be given the proper curriculum needed to allow them to develop their physical and mental skills properly and at their own pace. Each child starts in the beginner’s classes and after just one lesson, begins to view the training center as a fun place in which to learn and achieve success. Motivation is positive and upbeat and the child soon discovers life skills such as courtesy, respect, concentration, and self-control. Children also learn that by applying the black belt principles of setting goals, making consistent efforts, and never giving up, they can be highly successful in all areas of interest. School work, athletic abilities, and the skills of appropriate interaction with other children are just a few of the areas that can be positively impacted by participation in the structured program at Stephen Strouss TaeKwonDo Knoxville.

Teens & Adults Program

If you’ve always wanted the confidence to take care of yourself in a self defense situation, here is your opportunity. In addition to learning a highly effective means of self defense, you will also get yourself in incredible physical shape. You will improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance all in a fun and exciting format. There are classes for adults to attend every day. Each new student starts slowly and progresses at his or her own pace. No matter what shape you’re in now, our instructors will help you learn and feel at ease. Our center provides a disciplined, challenging atmosphere where you can concentrate on building not just your physical strength but more importantly your mental strength. Each accomplishment will give you a sense of personal commitment and achievement and provide you with peace of mind.

Benefits of Taekwondo

There are many benefits associated with our program:

  • Develop Self-esteem and confidence

  • Grow in focus, discipline, and self-control

  • Develop Character in a encouraging and uplifting environment

  • Develop Potentially Life-Saving self-defense skills

  • Get in tremendous physical condition and build flexibility

  • Relieve stress